To Assure Academic and Personal Success For Each Child

Parent Handbook

Incident Response Plans

The safety and well-being of our students and staff are critical to the learning environment. An Incident Response Plan has been designed to minimize the dangers posed to any individual on a school campus in the event that an emergency develops. Your cooperation is needed in our efforts to make sure all our attention may be directed to securing the safety of our children should a crisis arise.

Please follow the procedures below if you hear of an emergency at school:

DO NOT TELEPHONE THE SCHOOL – Phone lines are limited and MUST be kept clear to communicate with emergency responders. School personnel have specific responsibilities to attend to student/teacher needs.

TUNE IN TO LOCAL RADIO OR TV STATIONS – Media outlets CATV Channel 3, WGNS Radio station (1450 am), WMOT (89.5. FM), and the major Nashville stations will be kept informed.

DO NOT COME TO THE SCHOOL UNLESS STUDENT PICKUP IS REQUESTED – All entrances to school buildings must be free of traffic to allow emergency response vehicles immediate access.

In most cases students will be able to remain and be cared for at the school they attend. IF IT BECOMES NECESSARY TO RELOCATE STUDENTS AND STAFF OFF CAMPUS, you will be notified.