To Assure Academic and Personal Success For Each Child

Parent Handbook

Department of Special Education

Special Education services are available to all Murfreesboro City Schools with students meeting the IDEA criteria for eligibility.

Special Education services are provided at no cost to parents and are designed to meet the unique needs of each student. The school staff or parents may initiate referral for evaluation for Special Education Services. Parents who suspect that their child requires an evaluation to determine eligibility services should contact the assistant principal in the student’s home school.

Annual Child Find

The Murfreesboro City School System participates in an annual state-wide census of children with disabilities.

All verified children with disabilities, between the ages of three and fourteen, may be eligible for special education services and will be reported to the State Department of Education.

If you know a child with a suspected disability, who is between the ages of birth and fourteen, resides within the city limits and is not currently enrolled in school, please call Angela Fairchild, Special Education Coordinator, at 615.893.2313. Ms. Fairchild is available to speak with any organization, group or individual concerning the evaluations and services available through the Murfreesboro City School System.

Child Advocacy Group Contact Information

For more information regarding the Child Advocacy Group, please call 1-888-212-3162

You may also call Murfreesboro City Schools at 615-893-2313.

Services Provided to Intellectually Gifted Students

Intellectually Gifted students meeting special education criteria are served through a Special Education IEP. IEP eligible Special Education students are served appropriately according to their needs as determined by the IEP team.