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Parent Handbook

Care of School Property

All system employees and system contracted employees shall report all damage or loss of school property to the principal or designee immediately after such damage or loss is discovered. The principal or designee shall notify the Maintenance Department for assistance in determining the extent of any damages and securing the area in question. The Technology Department shall also be notified to be made aware of any security camera reviews that need to be made. The investigation shall be carried out in cooperation with law enforcement officials when appropriate.

School property is defined as buildings, buses, books, equipment, records, instructional materials, or any other item under the jurisdiction of the Board.

When the person causing damage or loss has been identified and the costs of repair or replacement have been determined by the Maintenance Department or other appropriate entity knowledgeable about the item damaged or lost, the Director of Schools, in conjunction with the City’s Risk Manager, depending on the type of loss, shall take steps to recover these costs. This may include recommending the filing of a civil complaint in court to recover damages. If the responsible person is a minor, recovery will be sought from the minor’s parent  or guardian.

In addition, the system may withhold the grades, diploma, and/or transcript of the student responsible for vandalism or theft or otherwise incurring any debt to a school until the student or the student’s parent/guardian has paid for the damages. When the minor and parent are unable to pay for the damages, the system shall provide a program of voluntary work for the minor.

Voluntary work will not exceed light duty physical labor; i.e,. pulling weeds, washing windows at a site where an event occurred. Upon completion of the work, the student’s grades, diploma, and/or transcripts shall be released. Such sanctions shall not be imposed if the student is not at fault.

Board Policy STU 44
Legal Reference:
TCA §37-10-101-103