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Parent Handbook

Admission of Suspended or Expelled Students

The Board may deny admission of any student (except those in state custody) who has been expelled or suspended from another school system in Tennessee or another state even though the student has established residency in the system in which she/he seeks enrollment.

After a request for enrollment is made, the Director of Schools shall investigate the facts surrounding the suspension/expulsion from the former school system and make a recommendation to the Board to approve or deny the request.

The Board shall not deny enrollment beyond the length of the imposed suspension/expulsion. If the action of the Board is to deny admission, the Director of Schools shall, on behalf of the Board of Education, notify the Commissioner of Education of the decision.

Any school system that accepts enrollment of a student from another school system may dismiss the student if it is determined subsequent to the enrollment that the student has been suspended or expelled from the former school system.

Board Policy STU 8
Legal Reference:
T.C.A. ยง49-6-3401(f)
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