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Parent Handbook 2017-18

The Murfreesboro City School System is committed to excellence. However, we realize that excellence begins with communication between school and home.

The information contained on this site includes the Code of Acceptable Behavior and Discipline and policies of the Murfreesboro City School Board for your quick reference and information.

Please review the policies carefully and sign the acknowledgement online indicating that you have read and accept the statements about zero tolerance, bullying, fines and fees, FERPA notification and student records, Internet use, screenings, and broadcast and print media release.

Please utilize this page as a quick reference guide for reviewing materials directly related to student policies.

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Emergency Closings

Extended School Program

Dress Code



Release of Student during School Hours

School Visitors

Grading Policy

Testing Schedule

Promotion and Retention

Student Records

Child Custody

Parent’s Right to Know Teacher Qualifications

Parent Involvement

Bus Service

Code of Acceptable Behavior and Discipline

Procedural Due Process

Interrogations and Searches

Discipline Procedures

Tobacco-Free Schools

Drug-Free Schools

Weapons and Dangerous Instruments

Suspensions and Expulsions/Remand

Zero Tolerance Offenses

Student Disciplinary Hearing Authority

Disposal of Contraband

Admission of Suspended or Expelled Students

Gang Activity or Association


Olweus Bullying Prevention

Discrimination/Harassment of Students

Care of School Property

Student Fees and Fines

Administering Medication to Students


Communicable Diseases (Student)

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome


Annual Notice to Parents Regarding Section 504

Department of Special Education

Annual Child Find

Child Advocacy Group Information

Services Provided to Intellectually Gifted Students

Notification of Rights Under FERPA

Directory Information

Notification of Rights Under PPRA

Use of Personal Communication Devices in School

Inappropriate Use of PCD, PED and/or Electronic Devices

Student Use of Internet

Student Use of School Computer Networks

Copyright Policy