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What is the proposed grandfathering clause for the rezoning?


If rezoned to a new school location, allow rising 5th and 6th grade students to remain in their current school.  No transportation service would be available for this option but students can complete their elementary schooling at the school if they can provide their own transportation.

Younger siblings who have a brother or sister taking advantage of the rising 5th and 6th grade grandfathering option can attend the school along with the sibling as long as both were in the school when this zoning plan is implemented.  No transportation service will be available for this option.

Should all students receive progress reports?

Yes! All students should take home a progress report so that parents are informed of potential areas of need/concern so that parents can be involved with intervention and strategies used to ensure opportunity for improvement before the final grading report.

What are CRA’s?

CRA’s are Constructed Response Assessments that require 3-6 grade students to explain conceptual understanding instead of only procedural. Example: 6 x 6 = 36….students must explain how they came to the answer “36” instead of stating that they “did it in their head” or the “calculator told me.” They need to explain with illustrations, models, and words that 6 x 6 represents groups and sets, showing conceptual vs. procedural.