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Rezoning Proposal

Murfreesboro City Schools will open Overall Creek Elementary in August 2014.  This school will relieve the overcrowding of students at Scales Elementary and provide for the growth to the west side of Murfreesboro.

Additionally, a major rezoning effort will be necessary for the growth in the district on the north and east side of the city. This growth has placed pressure on the capacity at John Pittard, Hobgood and Black Fox Elementary.  Therefore, the district will be simultaneously going through the process to rezone multiple areas of the city.

Parents are invited to attend one of three community meetings to learn more about the proposed new zones.

Community Information Meetings 

October 24 – Scales Elementary (5:00-6:30 p.m.)

October 28 – John Pittard Elementary (5:00-6:30 p.m.)

October 30 – Mitchell-Neilson Primary (4:30-6:00)

November 11 – Bradley Academy (5:30-7:00 p.m.)

The primary goals of the rezoning process are to:

  • establish new school zone for Overall Creek
  • reduce the number of students zoned to John Pittard to allow for future growth
  • make school zones as community based as possible
  • establish a 4-5 year zoning plan

The proposed rezoning will include reestablishing Reeve-Rogers as a traditional zoned K-6 campus, moving pre-k classrooms to school campuses and reestablishing Bellwood as a K-6 campus for Discovery School.  Many additional goals have been outlined through this restructure.

Parents are welcome to send their feedback utilizing the attached feedback form or through the Ask MCS form on the website.
Community Input Comment Sheet

Maps of Proposed Zoning
Proposed Zones 2014-15
Proposed Black Fox Zoning 2014-15
Proposed Bradley Zoning 2014-15
Proposed Cason Lane Zoning 2014-15
Proposed Hobgood Zoning 2014-15
Proposed John Pittard Zoning 2014-15
Proposed Mitchell-Neilson Zoning 2014-15
Proposed Northfield Zoning 2014-15
Proposed Overall Creek Zoning 2014-15
Proposed Reeves Rogers Zoning 2014-15
Proposed Scales Zoning 2014-15
Proposed Siegel Zoning 2014-15