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‘Boro International

Activities & Application Forms

We are currently accepting applications for food vendors, arts/crafts vendors, cultural booths, entertainers and fashion show participants. Please keep in mind this event is focused on students and their families.  Fill out the appropriate application below.

Boro International 2017

Food Vendor

We are looking for authentic international food vendors. Vendors will be selected from the pool of applications according to their ethnic authenticity, quality and diversity.  Food Vendors are required to pay a $50 registration fee and must have appropriate documentation from the Health Department.Boro International 3

(Food Vendor Application Download)
(Food Vendor Online Application)


Arts/Craft Vendor

International Arts & Crafts vendor spots are selected according to authenticity and quality. Vendors are highly encouraged to offer demonstrations geared to school age students throughout the celebration. All vendors must submit photos of their crafts they wish to display, sell or demonstrate for placement purposes inside the Village. Arts and Crafts Vendors are required to pay a $20 registration fee.

Boro Int Festival 2017 Application
(Art/Craft Vendor Online Application)

Cultural Exhibitors

All international non-profit groups are welcome to apply to set up an informational booth about your group. We are interested in displays that will include interactive features (learning phrases, writing names, using utensils, games, trying on clothing, etc.) posters, pictures, art, sculpture, souvenirs, books, paintings, etc. Exhibits should reflect your country’s national character. Booths should cater to visitors of all ages. Non-political and non-religious groups will be given preference.

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EntertainersBoro International 6Boro International Photo

Local dance groups, musical artists, theatrical entertainers, live painters etc. are encouraged to perform at ‘Boro International Festival. Performers are required send a sample of performance (audio mp3, USB, DVD, or YouTube link) for processing. Please send photos, group resumes and promotional materials as available.

BIF Entertainer Application
(Entertainment Online Application)


International Fashion Show

Participants in the International Fashion Show will model their country’s distinctive attire. If you wish to take a walk on the fashion runway, fill out this application and send a photo of your traditional clothing. Participants will need to write a brief description of the items and the cultural significance they hold that will be read during the fashion show.

(Fashion Show Application Download)
(Fashion Show Online Application)

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