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Students learning robotics

Northfield Family Field Trip

Northfield Elementary students and their families engaged in an interactive afternoon hosted by Tennessee College of Applied Technology (TCAT) and Nissan.  Families toured the TCAT training center, learned the uses and functions of robots in the automotive industry and discovered job opportunities in industrial electrical maintenance.IMG_3033

Students and parents operated robotic arms and learned new skills needed in the future job market as related to their education today. Welding and auto mechanical work was demonstrated by current TCAT students.
Additionally, Motlow State Community College, TCAT and Tennessee ReConnect delivered information to parents interested in returning to school to further their education.

“Introducing students and families to existing occupations allows them to relate the classroom experience to future careers,” says Dr. Gene Loyd, Principal. “Visits like these inspire and educate students and their families.”

The Northfield family night is an annual school tradition.  Past years the school has organized family field trips to the Murfreesboro Airport, Embassy Suites, Oaklands’ Mansion and other area venues.