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Accepting Donations

Support our schools through The City Schools Foundation.

The Foundation is a 501(c)3 supporting Murfreesboro City Schools and can accept these donations. The Foundation will then utilize those dollars for relief purposes. Donations can be made by check, credit card or PayPal.

Checks should be mailed to The City Schools Foundation, Attn: Lisa Trail, 2552 South Church Street, Murfreesboro, TN 37127 or simply click the button above for credit card donations.

Backpack Food:
Backpack food will be sent for weekend distribution on the CHOW buses. The list of items for the backpack program is below. We will limit our food distribution to the items listed. This list has been child and family tested for the past several years. We have the ability to store, pack and distribute. These items can be brought to the MCS Central Office.

  • Chili with beans, Beef & Macaroni, Beef Stew, Beans & Franks, Spaghetti & Meatballs (single serving, pop top cans) 7.5 oz.
  • Single serve microwavable Mac & Cheese
  • Single serve fruit cups
  • Juice box / pouch – 6.75 oz
  • Single serve cereal – .75 oz.
  • Snack Cracker Packages
  • Granola Bars



We are happy to accept new and gently used children’s books for distribution to our students at CHOW bus sites.  All books accepted will be quarantined for a period of 7 days prior to being distributed to students. Books can range from toddler to chapter books.

Home to School Information

Home to School Information

Learning Resources

Click this link for instructional resources for families and children to use at home – Resources for Families. This information will be updated by the school district regularly.  Students have utilized Lexia and iReady throughout the school year and should be able to login and utilize these resources easily.

Little Free Libraries at all schools have been restocked.  Please take time to grab a book and read to your child and ask your child to read to you.

We will continue to update our Home To School information.  You can also find this information on your school’s website main navigation tab.

Talking with your Children about COVID-19

Below is a quick link from Child Mind Institute that may help in talking with your child about COVID-19.

CHOW buses schedule – buses will be CHOW buses plus traditional school buses

The Chow Buses begin running on Monday, March 16 at 34 plus site locations.

The Food Service Program is funded by the USDA and is open to any child birth to eighteen.

Please note the times and locations as well as the type of bus that will be used at each site in the information below.

We will not be feeding on the buses, we will be distributing meals as pick up and go options.

You can view the current CHOW buses schedule at the following link. (Download the MCS Feeding Sites Flyer)

PBS to deliver daily instruction

Nashville, TN—The Tennessee Department of Education secured a partnership with the state’s PBS stations to deliver daily instructional content for Tennessee students during COVID-19 school closures. This partnership will provide all students with access to daily learning opportunities right in their own homes. 
Staring April 6, Tennessee’s six PBS stations— WNPT Nashville, East Tennessee PBS, WCTE Upper Cumberland, WKNO Memphis, West TN PBS, and Chattanooga WTCI— will deliver two hours of programming with high-quality instructional content from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. CST. Four hours of content will also be streamed overnight, which viewers can watch live or record. 
The content will be developed and provided by Tennessee educators in partnership with the Tennessee Department of Education and meets a critical need to ensure all students have access to high-quality learning opportunities, regardless if their home has internet connectivity or capable devices. 
“This is an incredible example of Tennesseans coming together to support kids,” said Education Commissioner Penny Schwinn. “We are so thrilled to be partnering with PBS stations across the state to make high-quality instructional content available to all students so they can continue learning during school closures. Families and students are hungry for content right now, and we are grateful our local stations have stepped up to help fill this need.” 
This statewide partnership builds on the work many of Tennessee’s public TV stations have already been doing with local districts to provide instructional programming during school closures.  
“Tennessee’s Public Television Stations are committed to serving the citizens of Tennessee and look forward to working with the Tennessee Department of Education during this challenging time to provide instructional educational programs to the students of our state,” said Vickie Lawson, Chairman of Tennessee Public Television Council and President of East Tennessee PBS. “This partnership is another example of Tennessee’s Public Television Stations willingness to serve when needed.” 
“This new partnership with the Tennessee Department of Education will work to meet our shared mission of ensuring every child is inspired and educated, regardless of their circumstances.” said Becky Magura, President & CEO, WCTE Cookeville. “This programming will help ensure students without access to the internet or other instructional materials will still have access to high quality instruction during these school closures. For decades, we have been committed to inspiring and educating students for decades, and now more than ever, those services are critical.”  
For additional Tennessee Department of Education guidance related to COVID-19, visit   
Teacher recipients of the gifted endorsement.

MCS Teachers Receive Gifted Endorsement

Twenty-seven teachers from Murfreesboro City Schools (MCS) received their Tennessee Employment Standard for Gifted Teaching on March 7 after completing the Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) and MCS Gifted Academy. Since its inception in 2015, 167 teachers have graduated from the academy.

The Gifted Academy, sponsored by The Jennings and Rebecca Jones Foundation, MTSU and MCS, aims to expand gifted education programs by equipping teachers with tools to identify and engage gifted students. The program presents teachers with advanced training to assist in planning higher level thinking activities and detailed tasks for gifted learners.

The 2019-20 Gifted Academy Cohort Graduates are: Hollie Berry, Olivia Outland, Allison Cole, Olivia Cowan, Jennifer Defere, Mary Dobbs, Neely James Embree, Kristen Goodman, Alison Harris, Elizabether Hurst, Carla Vandygriff Jackson, Donna Karrh, Jacqueline Keller, Devontae Kelley, Kasey Landreth, Erin Nunley, Sarah Primm, Kayla Richards, Kelsey Rone, Bailey Rose, Taylor Sams, Dana Stem, Kirstyn Tackett, Brittney Tate, Robyn Clifford Trowbridge, and Stephanie West.

The Academy allows classroom teachers to participate in professional development to learn additional approaches of delivering instruction to address the unique needs of advanced students. Additionally, MCS has four Gifted Specialists working in the schools with teachers and parents to assure that gifted and talented students are connecting to thought-provoking learning experiences.

Murfreesboro City Schools is a district of thirteen schools committed to the academic and personal success of each child.

Students singing

Music Festival – March 9

Murfreesboro City Schools invites the public to the MCS Music Festival on Monday, March 9. The performance will take place at 6:00 p.m. at World Outreach Church and includes over 450 students singing in celebration of Music in our Schools Month.

The concert showcases students from Black Fox, Bradley, Cason Lane, Discovery School, Erma Siegel, Hobgood, John Pittard, Mitchell-Neilson, Northfield, Overall Creek, Reeves-Rogers, Salem and Scales. The performance features pieces from a wide array of composers ranging from classical to contemporary and will be narrated and conducted by the MCS music teachers.

The evening promises to be a spectacular event showcasing the vocal talent of MCS students. Additionally, the choir’s voices will be accompanied in select songs by the music of Scales Steel de Boro and the Northfield Drumming Ensemble.

For more than 30 years, Music in our Schools Month has been recognized and sponsored by the National Association for Music Education. The observance brings music education to the forefront of schools across the nation.

Parents and guests are encouraged to arrive by 5:30 p.m. to ensure ample time for seating. World Outreach Church is located at 1921 Hwy 99 (New Salem Highway) in Murfreesboro. The performance will be held in the Three Crosses Sanctuary.

Boro Book Battle photo 2019

Boro Book Battle – March 26

Join MCS at the sixth annual Boro Book Battle on Thursday, March 26. The event begins at 6 p.m. in the Hobgood Elementary gymnasium. Students from across the district will compete against one another in a quiz-bowl-style tournament to test their knowledge of books on the Volunteer State Book Award list.

Librarians from MCS work with the student teams throughout the school year to prepare for this friendly competition. Teams are formed from 4th-6th grade students who expressed interest in being a part of this core group of readers.

Four team members compete in each tournament category. Students are responsible for individually reading each of the books and school librarians help prep the students for the competition.

March Math-ness – March 19

MCS invites families to join the madness during March Math-ness at Patterson Park on Thursday, March 19. This exciting free event engages families and students through the use of math games and strategies.

“Students and their families will have the opportunity to visit over 70 booths and learn new card and dice games and other great ways of making math come to life,” says Cindy Cliche, MCS Math Coordinator. “Games will be classified by grade level to allow everyone to find plenty of opportunities to join the fun.”

Logic, thinking, and math meets fun and games during this inaugural March Math-ness event. MTSU’s Department of Education students along with MCS teachers will provide the staging for this interactive game night which will run from 5-7 p.m.

Families are encouraged to wear their favorite sports gear and compete for prizes. Each family that attends will receive a family math game packet for their home use.

Tree Tapping at Hobgood

Hobgood Students Tap Maple Trees

February is the perfect time for tree tapping and when you have a school campus with healthy Maple trees, a lesson plan is soon to follow. As part of a first grade STEAM project, Hobgood Elementary students tapped Maple trees on the school grounds this week to begin the harvest of Maple syrup.

Hobgood first graders began their unit of study with a visit from a community partner who introduced the concept of tree tapping in Middle Tennessee. Students continued to learn the science behind Maple syrup through identifying healthy trees, collecting weather data, assembling the correct harvesting equipment and finally making the first taps on the trees this week with first grade teacher, Martin Ridgley’s assistance.

“This was definitely an experiment,” says Ridgely. “We measured, discussed and planned for weeks but until the sap actually started flowing, we were all a little on edge.”

Over one hundred students participated in this hands-on experience. Students identified healthy trees, drilled the initial hole and finally tapped the tree and inserted the tapping instrument.

Sap generally flows for four to six weeks.  The first graders will watch and document the process of collection including changing out the collection jugs and demonstrating the experience throughout the month to all grade levels.

“Students were engaged and amazed at the rapid reaction of the tree and the sap collection,” says Hobgood Principal Quinena Bell. “This was definitely a new experience for our students and many of our staff members.”

The final stage of the process will be to create maple syrup by filtering and boiling the collected sap.



Teacher of the Year Winners

MCS Announces Teachers of the Year

Murfreesboro City Schools is proud to announce the 2020 Teachers of the Year. Teachers from each school were nominated for the prestigious education award given by the Tennessee Department of Education.

Teachers from each school were nominated for the prestigious education award given by the Tennessee Department of Education. Twenty-six teachers were chosen by their peers for the honor based on their commitment to teaching excellence both in and outside of the classroom.

School Level Teachers of the Year are:

Discovery School – Teresa McCarthy, Kelley Kleppinger
John Pittard Elementary – Deborah Collier, Molly Oliver
Cason Lane Academy- Shay Wilson, Latasha McFarland
Salem Elementary – Kinsey Johnson, Cynthia Martin
Overall Creek Elementary – Sara Brown, Christy Honey
Scales Elementary- Kimberly Hix, Isormari Pozo
Bradley Academy – Abbey Sanders, Regan Clark
Erma Siegel Elementary – Brandy Cheatham, Margaret Lane
Reeves-Rogers Elementary -Renee Maurtua, Danielle Johnson
Black Fox Elementary – Kim Gambill, Meredith Patrum
Northfield Elementary – Judy Gritton, Rachel Bjork
Hobgood Elementary – Terri Guess, Corynn York
Mitchell-Neilson School – Heather Konyar Curry, Beverly Sanford

Two educators were selected as System-level honorees and will represent MCS at the regional level. The 2019-2020 MCS System-level Teacher of the Year recipients are: Rachel Bjork from Northfield and Teresa McCarthy from Discovery.

The Tennessee Teacher of the Year program is designed to promote recognition, respect and appreciation for teachers, to stimulate interest in teaching as a career, and to encourage public involvement in education.

Teacher of the Year Teresa McCarthy

Teacher of the Year Rachel Bjork

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