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Transition to Traditional or Distance Learning

Jan 5 – March 17 Parent Option

Murfreesboro City Schools will continue with traditional classroom learning with an opt out option for students.

A choice distance learning parent agreement must be completed between November 30 and December 13 for parents to opt children out of the traditional school setting.  All parents choosing distance learning, including parents currently utilizing choice distance learning, must complete a new opt-out form located in Skyward Parent Portal – located at the top right corner of this website. Principal approval is required for all distance learning.

Unless the school district moves to another instruction plan, all students must remain in the instruction plan they start until the end of a nine-week grading period. With all models, students will be expected to receive 6.5 hours of instruction for 180 days.  Attendance will be taken, and grades will be given for work completed.

At any point during the academic year, MCS may switch instructional models based on the circumstances of the pandemic.

Parent Choice – Nov 30-Dec 13