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Foundation Awards $52,000 in Grants

The City Schools Foundation distributed over $53,000 in grants to teachers in Fall 2017.  Twenty-six grants were selected for funding out of 53 grant applications.

“The grant committee is extremely pleased with the quality of grants submitted.   The range of requests from math and science to the arts were outstanding,” says Brook LaRoche, Grant Committee Chair, The City Schools Foundation. “It is remarkable to see how educators are utilizing hands-on learning opportunities to enrich the classroom.”

Grants are submitted anonymously and are judged solely on their merit by a committee. The funding for grants ranged from Mat is Lit! at $214 to Creative Coding, Creating Careers at $8,048, with nine grants receiving over $2,000 in disbursements.


  • Math Alive! – Felicia Jackson, Cason Lane
  • “ROK”ing and Rolling with Mobile STEM Labs – Angela Bunyi, Discovery
  • Snapping into a Learning Circuit of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – Karen Tyson, Discovery
  • Crosscutting Science Standards Across the Curriculum –Rachel Everett, Scales
  • Engineering & Technology Explorers – Teresa McCarthy, Discovery
  • STEAM Tools for Second Grade Engineers – Amberly Sandberg, Erma Siegel
  • Power Up! Access to Quality Text and Primary Sources – Kaycie Jones, John Pittard
  • All Senses Aboard the STEAM Engine – Shiloh Siegle, Reeves-Rogers
  • Math is Lit! – Sondra Smith, Scales
  • Engaging Students with Math Manipulatives – Amber Kelly, Scales
  • STEAMing to Success – Wendy Manning, Bradley
  • Legos, Robotics, Engineering: Launching Innovation and Creativity to the Next Level and Beyond – Angela Bunyi, Discovery
  • Ramble On – Rueby, Alexander, Hartman, Stewart , Scales
  • Creative Coding, Creating Careers – Kristy Mall & Debra Kaiser, Discovery
  • Math Facts to Math Fluency – Gail Boyd, Bradley
  • Laptops for Early Learning – Kayla Mullen, Discovery
  • Space for All – Dana Stem, Bradley
  • Drums Heard Around the World – Rachel Bjork, Northfield
  • Madame Tussauds Museum Goes to School – Sasha Burnette & Sara Roediger, John Pittard
  • Music Instruments: Upkeep, Updates, and Scholarships – Tony Hartman, Scales
  • We Don’t Have to be Great to Get Started, but WE DO Need a Start to be Great! – Karen Tyson, Discovery
  • Lego Builder, What Can You Build? – Rachel Prater, Mitchell-Nielson
  • Eggcited About Science- Kathy Latrondress, Cason Lane
  • iPads Across Special Area – Valerie Rains & Donna Wehofer , John Pittard
  • Classroom Easel – Amber Robinson, John Pittard
  • Communication for the Class – Anita Spann, Overall Creek

Trustees for The City Schools Foundation include:  Minerva Smith, Ben Parsley, Rebecca Upton, Sandra Parks, Brook LaRoche, Lana Seivers, Ben Weatherford, Kristi Gaines, David Scott, Charlie Baum, Joe Faiz, Justin Burris, Stephanie Roach, Travis Lampley, Kimberly Robertson, Andy Jakes, Vicki Eastham, Chris Jackson, Liz McPhee, Charlie Patel, and Shavon Davis-Louis.  Additionally, Dr. Linda Gilbert and School Board Member Wesley Ballard serve as non-voting members of the Foundation.

The City Schools Foundation is a private, not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization.  Chartered in 2005, the Foundation was created by volunteers from the community who wanted to supplement the resources available to the Murfreesboro City Schools System. More information can be found at