To Assure Academic and Personal Success For Each Child
MCS News Update

Focus on the Whole Child

Recent tragic events in our country have put the anguish of senseless injustice and inequality at the center of our national discourse.  As individuals, each of us have had strong personal and emotional responses to the shocking and heartbreaking death of George Floyd.  Our grave concerns regarding racism, prejudice, and discrimination should never be far from our minds and should motivate action in promoting respectful, fair and compassionate behavior every single day.  At Murfreesboro City Schools, the faculty, staff and administrators work continuously to do so.

As one of the ten most diverse school districts in the state of Tennessee, we strive to be a haven where education, acceptance, support, and inspiration thrive.

Over the past decade, Dr. Linda Gilbert built a family that includes everyone in our school system with a focus on the whole child and meeting their needs as a valued, respected person. When one of us hurt, she hurt with us.

Today, we are hurting for those in our community, state and country who are feeling alienated, marginalized, and frustrated by a system that has failed them.

I want to assure you Murfreesboro City Schools will not fail you. It is my personal goal – and the mission of our system — to provide a safe and nurturing environment for each of you, our family.

Let’s unite in our determination to look for and actively create better days tomorrow.


Ralph Ringstaff
Interim Superintendent
Murfreesboro City Schools