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Human Resources

Employment Opportunities

Thank you for considering employment with the Murfreesboro City School System. You may apply online for any position by clicking on the above link. Information regarding each type of position is provided with each posting.

All information provided and any related documents requested are public information and are subject to release to the public. The Murfreesboro City School System requires a criminal background check and a clear health certificate for every new employee.

If you are applying to become a certified teacher, we would love to hear from you via virtual interview! Sometimes video can convey knowledge and passion more so than a typical resume.

Please record yourself answering the following questions and email your responses to Please limit each response to a maximum of 3 minutes in length.

1. Tell us a little about yourself!

2. If someone were to walk into your classroom, describe what they would see.

3. Choose a successful lesson that you have previously taught, and walk us through the lesson and what you did to maintain student engagement.