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The Murfreesboro City School system provides group health insurance for you.
You are allowed to choose the carrier that best meets your needs: either Blue Cross/Blue Shield or Cigna. You may choose between three different provider organizations: Partnership PPO, Standard PPO, or Limited PPO. Each carrier has its own network of health care providers. Providers move in and out of networks from time to time so check the networks carefully for your preferred doctor or hospital when making your selection.  Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Tennessee (BCBST) and Cigna both have PPO networks available throughout Tennessee.  BCBST: Network S and Cigna: Open Access or Local Plus

Call the HR office for individual and family plan pricing.

If you enroll in the Partnership PPO, you will pay much lower premiums and get great discounts on services and procedures. BUT to keep this benefit, you MUST complete the Partnership Promise each year. Without your active participation in the partnership promise by you and your spouse (if applicable) will both be transferred to the Standard Plan.

You will be provided an identification card by your carrier which gives you pertinent information such as your identification number. If you cannot locate your card, please contact the company directly.
BCBST 1-800-558-6213
Cigna 1-800-244-6224

Health insurance plans are administered by the state of Tennessee Insurance Administration.


Dental/vision coverage is provided through Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Tennessee. You should also have an identification card for this benefit. If not, please notify your Central Office. Information booklets explaining percentages paid by the carrier and benefits covered are also available.


The Murfreesboro City Schools system provides term life insurance with a benefit payable to twice your annual salary rounded to the nearest thousand with a maximum benefit of $200,000. The amount of your life insurance is paid for by the school system.

Under the provisions of this policy, should you become totally disabled, you may extend the coverage at no cost by requesting a waiver of premium from your Central Office. A further provision is that should you die in an accident or experience a dismemberment, the insurance will pay at a specified percentage of the full benefit amount up to double for death and equal to 50% or more depending upon the loss incurred.


You are covered by Worker’s Compensation. This coverage is provided to assure that in the event of an injury on the job, your medical costs will be paid. If a doctor determines that you cannot work, your salary will be continued for the period of time specified by law and in accordance with State guidelines. The average cost of Worker’s Compensation for the individual employee is $282.30 and is paid by the school system.


All Murfreesboro City School employees are protected by the City of Murfreesboro in lawsuits including but not limited to accusations of alleged error, omission, misleading act, and breach of duty. The average contribution for coverage on behalf of the individual employee is $22.16 and is paid by the school system to the City of Murfreesboro.



Licensed personnel earn one day of paid sick leave per month (20 work days). These days are accumulative. There is no limit on the number of days which can be accrued. Upon retirement, all unused accumulated sick leave days are reported to the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS) and will enhance your retirement benefits.

Requests for sick leave without pay for up to one year may be requested for certified personnel.


The Sick Leave Bank is an optional benefit provided for through State law. All full-time employees who choose to join may do so by initially donating two days of their accumulated sick leave days to the Bank. In cases of serious illness and having exhausted all regularly accumulated sick leave, a Bank member may apply for withdrawal of days from the Sick Leave Bank. The Bank is monitored by trustees who consider the application in accordance with guidelines established by the State (i.e. type/seriousness of illness, established limitations on the number of days which can be used by an individual during one year, etc.) and make a decision as to whether the request can be approved.


Available only after all sick leave has been exhausted. Maximum three days with pay. Preapproval requested, if possible. Available only for use with regard to immediate family (defined under “Sick Leave With Pay”). If sick or personal days are avaialbe the Board will provide up to two days of matching bereavement for one sick or personal day.


State law dictates that sick leave may be used for maternity purposes only during the period of the mother’s disability, or a maximum of 30 days for adoption. Beyond the period of the mother’s disability or the allowable 30 days for adoption, the school system does allow up to one school year of leave without pay for parenting but with the paid sick leave time included in the one school year count. Paid sick leave may also be used to care for immediate family during illness. Unpaid leave for this purpose may be requested for up to one school year but with the paid sick leave time included in the one school year count.


This is a paid leave sometimes granted to individuals and for a variety of activities. Those activities include but are not limited to serving on State boards, commissions or committees, jury duty, serving on accreditation committees, representing the school system and/or serving as a presenter at professional workshops, being sent by the system to learn specific skills or knowledge needed by the system, etc. The primary purpose of this leave is to enable the administration to assure system representation at certain professional events and/or train individuals in areas of specified system needs.


Paid vacation days are provided for all full-time employees. For ten and eleven month employees, vacation days are simply non-scheduled, non-worked days built into the employee’s paycheck at a rate of one day per teaching month. For twelve month employees, vacation days are accrued to a limit and may be used upon request and pre-approval.


If the leave taken is a paid leave, the school system pays the daily rate of your salary and benefits plus the cost of a substitute where applicable.

If the leave is unpaid and short-term, the school system continues to pay insurance benefits for a limited time and pays for the cost of a substitute where applicable. If the unpaid leave is long-term, the school system pays only the salary and benefits for the interim replacement. You are allowed to pay your premiums personally and therefore have benefits continued for the duration of your leave.


All employees are participants in the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS). For licensed personnel, a deduction of 5% of your annual compensation is contributed to your account with TCRS. The school system and the State of Tennessee jointly contribute an additional 9.04% to this fund. The school system pays all retirement for non-licensed personnel at the rate of 12.17%.


Social Security and Employee Medicare is paid jointly by you, the school system, and the State. The total contribution consists of a 7.65% deduction from your pay plus a matching 7.65% paid by the school system and the State.


The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a support tool that helps you and your family deal with both workplace and personal issues.

*All services are confidential and available at NO cost to all employees enrolled in the health coverage. Eligible dependents do not have to be enrolled.

*You can easily access services by calling Magellan at 1-855-437-34863 these services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

*You and your eligible dependents may use up to five no-cost counseling sessions per problem, per year.

*Your EAP also offers work-life services, financial and legal services, assistance finding eldercare and dependent care services and much more.

*To learn more, visit


Payroll deduction for investment programs, flexible benefits and optional insurance is available at no administrative cost to you.


Direct deposit is now available through most financial institutions. Salary distribution services through Cornerstone Credit Union are available at no administrative cost to you.


Benefits counseling is available to you from Ms. Sandra Lindsey at your Central Office.

Some benefits such as choosing or changing your insurance carrier, joining the Sick Leave Bank, using Direct Deposit/Salary Distribution, activating Payroll Deduction, etc. have to be requested within a specific time frame.

If you have further questions, need booklets, forms or other assistance with regard to benefits, please call your Human Resources office at 893-2313.