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Club Marvel Graduates

Club Marvel

Eighty-six 4th through 6th grade students explored careers in horse science, concrete management, athletics, science and biology as part of Club MARVEL. 
“Being on a college campus is exciting for our students and allows them to see far beyond high school,” says Greg Lyles, MCS Outreach Coordinator. 
In its sixth year, Club MARVEL, a collaboration between Middle Tennessee State University and Murfreesboro City Schools, has not deviated from the original purpose of generating and developing excitement about a college campus, what it offers, and the vision it can create. 
MARVEL is an acronym that stands for:
M – Murfreesboro City Schools / Middle Tennessee State University
A- assuring
R – rigor and a 
V – vision for the future through the
E- enrichment of
L – learning
Students learned about professional opportunities available in various industries and participated in hands-on learning activities.