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City Schools Foundation Awards 22 Grants

The City Schools Foundation distributed over $48,000 in grants to teachers in 2021. Twenty-two grants were selected for funding for the 2021-22 school year. The Foundation asks educators from Murfreesboro City Schools to submit proposals for funding that will help them acquire resources not ordinarily provided by taxpayer dollars.
“The range of requests were outstanding and ranged from vermicomposting to math fluency,” says David Scott, Grant Committee Chair, The City Schools Foundation. “It is remarkable to see how educators are utilizing hands-on learning opportunities to enrich the classroom.”
Grants are submitted anonymously and are judged on their merit by a committee. The funding for grants ranged from Books for Math and Science at $100.50 to Learning Outside the Box: Exploring Nature through an Outdoor Campus funded at $10,000. The grant recipients are as follows:

Cason Lane Academy
1 Bot 2 Bot BeeBot BlueBot – Julie Seymour
Vermicomposting – Rachel Cairo
Let’s Get Cooking! – Tara Tedder
Accessing STEM in Special Education – Helen Belcher

Discovery School
My Great Migration Station – Kristy Mall
Mmmmm…Raspberry Pi – Hannelore Dickerson – Amy Ritter
Mistake-Proof, Hands-On Exploration: Place Value Misconception Edition – Angela Bunyi
Walk This Way! STEAM Walk, Listen, Do, Learn – Angela Bunyi

Erma Siegel
Creating Music from the Palm of Your Hand – Mark Hale
Beats From Around the World – Rachel Friedman
Learning Outside the Box: Exploring Nature Through an Outdoor Campus – Emily Clark

Math by the Book – Gina Graham
Aqua-FUN-ics – Anita Morton

Wild About Reading, Robots, and Real-World Readiness – Heather Eskridge

Math and Literacy: It All Adds Up! – Ashleigh Stone

Learning A-Z; 1, 2, 3! – Sarah Chumney
“MakeDo” Tools for Cardboard Design Projects – Kimberly Kahle
Onward and Upward – Sarah Chumney
The Little STEAM Cart that Could! – Kathy Latondress & Beth Wood
Books for Math and Science – Lucie Abbott
Pondering Thoughts – Sarah Chumney

Fact Fluency with Tang! – Alexis Hutchens

Most grants covered an aspect of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.) STEAM allows students to explore subjects in hands-on activities giving our students additional ways to succeed in this rapidly changing technology-based world.

Trustees for The City Schools Foundation include: David Scott, Kimberly Robertson, Joe Faiz, Justin Burris, Stephanie Roach, Travis Lampley, Kimberly Robertson, Vicki Eastham, Charlie Patel, Ellen Slicker, Andrew Young, Katherine Layman and Robin Bayne. Additionally, Dr. Trey Duke and School Board Member Wesley Ballard serve as non-voting members of the Foundation.
To date, The Foundation has raised over $1,000,000 dollars for Murfreesboro City Schools. The City Schools Foundation is a private, not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. Chartered in 2005, the Foundation was created by volunteers from the community who wanted to supplement the resources available to the Murfreesboro City Schools System. More information can be found at

Erma Siegel Grant Recipient

Northfield Grant Recipients