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School Board


Board Policies
The governing body of each school district in Tennessee is the local Board of Education, an elected body that serves the residents within the boundaries of the school district. Per state law, the Board develops a policy manual that governs the operations of the district.

In Murfreesboro City Schools, that manual is divided into the following sections:

  • Board Operations
    Addresses the role of the Board of Education, meetings of the Board, and broad guidelines for school district operations.
  • Fiscal Management
    Addresses budget development and fiscal management responsibilities, purchasing, revenues, and fund expenditures.
  • Support Services
    Addresses safety, facilities, transportation, food service, and any other service outside of personnel, finance, and instruction.
  • Instructional Program
    Addresses curriculum materials, grading, assessment, course content, parent involvement, and school volunteers.
  • Personnel Policies
    Addresses employee recruitment, leave, evaluation, hiring and separation practices, complaints, benefits, and qualifications of the Director of Schools.
  • Student
    Addresses all areas that are student-focused–including surveys, wellness, special education, wellness, attendance, and discipline.