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2019 Teachers of the Year

Murfreesboro City Schools is proud to announce the 2019 Teachers of the Year. Teachers from each school were nominated for the prestigious education award given by the Tennessee Department of Education.

Twenty-four teachers were chosen for the honor based on their commitment to teaching excellence both in and outside of the classroom. From those 24 teachers, two educators were selected as System-level honorees and will represent MCS at the regional level.

The 2018-2019 MCS System-level Teacher of the Year recipients are: Dana Stem from Bradley Academy and Sarah Chumney from Cason Lane Academy.

School Level Teachers of the Year are: John Pittard – Jennifer Whitlow, Kyle Cantrell; Scales – Rachel Slough, Meredith Davis; Mitchell-Neilson – Kim Curtis, Ashley Herod; Overall Creek – Whitely Troutman, Erin Nunley; Bradley Academy – Emily Petty, Dana Stem; Black Fox – Hope Padgett, Tammy Stout; Erma-Siegel – Amberly Sandberg, Margaret Lane; Hobgood – Nichole Bell, Mark Gibson; Reeves- Rogers – Amy Stevenson, Stephanie Stump; Discovery School – Kimberly Kahle, Charlotte Young; Cason Lane – Denise Crumbaugh, Sarah Chumney; Northfield – Sarah Easterly, Nancy Kelley

The Tennessee Teacher of the Year program is designed to promote recognition, respect and appreciation for teachers, to stimulate interest in teaching as a career, and to encourage public involvement in education.

Dana Stem Teacher of the Year

Sarah Chumney Teacher of the Year